Selina Helliwell’s award-winning play ‘Burnout’ returns in a newly extended version

Having debuted as a fringe-style theatre piece at Manchester’s Three Minute Theatre (Afflecks Arcade) last summer, Selina Helliwell‘s award-winning ‘Burnout‘ now makes its anticipated return in a new full-length two-act version this autumn.

Burnout‘ will be performed at The King’s Arms Theatre in Salford on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October 2019.

The play takes place all in one night – at a 24-hour gym from midnight until the early hours – and revolves around ‘Raf’ who was, seemingly, the greatest guy in the world. He’s now, however, a missing person and the play focuses on the impact he made on those around him, and the little spiral of chaos he left in his wake. His disappearance affects the characters in many ways, including their relationships; opening wounds between the flirtatious Megan and her loving girlfriend Becky. It is also the catalyst for a very messy love triangle- with obsessive gym member Elise in the midst of the disarray.

Dealing with various issues, from suicidal thoughts to drug abuse, ‘Burnout’ is not a play to be taken lightly. It’s aim is to normalise talking about mental illness and help to fight the stigma, via theatre. But it isn’t completely dark either and there are many light moments and moments of humour throughout.

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