Vakkaru Maldives celebrates sustainable & ethical living

Saturday 8 June saw World Oceans Day celebrate and honour the oceans that connect us all. Communities worked together to help protect the ocean and create a better future environment through numerous fundraising activities and campaigns.

Poised within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Vakkaru Maldives provides the perfect base from which to sample sustainable living and natural island beauty.

A scenic 30-minute journey north of Male International Airport by seaplane, Vakkaru Maldives is an untouched jewel, complete with white sands, and surrounded by 360-degree views of the tranquil Indian Ocean.

Vakkaru is fashioned to epitomise an idyllic, sustainable environment of pared-back luxury that draws on rich Maldivian traditions and fused with the finest natural resources.

The resort aims to keep the natural beauty of the island as unspoilt as possible, allowing guests to connect with each other and the surrounding environment.

Committed to developing a sustainable business through various green initiatives such as limiting the use of plastic available on the island, using locally produced ingredients and preserving the marina, Vakkaru strives to provide an unforgettable experience that is rich in sustainability and culture.

Home to numerous unexplored dive sites and legendary fishing spots, Vakkaru’s on-site dive and water sports centre, Splash,offers guests the option to take part in a variety of excursions, activities and guided dives with their in-house marine biologist.

Guests can explore and learn about the marina, what makes them unique and what needs doing to keep the marina as natural as possible.

Keeping the natural beauty of the island as unspoilt as possible – including retaining over 2,300 fully grown coconut trees – Vakkaru Maldives strives to protect its environment so that the local community and hotel guests alike can enjoy the timeless sanctuary for many years to come.

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