Croatia’s five-star Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta launches new gourmet food break!

Croatia’s five-star Boutique Hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta, located on the little-known island of Lošinj, has launched a new gourmet food break showcasing the extraordinary culinary traditions and ancient Illyrian heritage of this relatively undiscovered island gem.

From tracing the island’s culture of olive cultivation back to antiquity and visiting one of the world’s best-preserved Greek statues, to a contemporary celebration of fresh local produce and traditional delicacies at the hotel’s renowned Restaurant Alfred Keller, the gourmet tour promises to take guests on an olive-oriented odyssey spanning the millennia.

Boutique Hotel Alhambra is housed in a centenarian Austro-Hungarian Art Nouveau villa on the beautiful Čikat Bay, enveloped in the intoxicating scent of the surrounding ancient pine forest.

Known in ancient Greek times as the Apsyrtides, the northern Croatian islands of Lošinj and neighbouring Cres are famed for their mild Mediterranean climate, long sunshine hours and the impeccable purity of the Adriatic Sea, as well as a natural abundance of plant species – including an estimated 1200 varieties of aromatic and therapeutic herbs.

As part of the new gourmet package, guests will be treated to tours of the ancient town of Osor and the Kučić farm in Martinšćica, historic centres of olive cultivation, sample traditional delicacies, experience authentic Dalmatian specialties, forage wild herbs before making them into revitalising juices, and pay a visit to one of the world’s best preserved ancient Greek statues, the treasured bronze of Apoxymenos which was found on the seabed off the shore of Lošinj.

To celebrate the islands’ extraordinarily rich culinary heritage, the Restaurant Alfred Keller chefs have created a symphony of flavours, aromas and colours that put exceptional local ingredients centre stage and concludes the gourmet experience in contemporary style.

Wine lovers can also savour Boutique Hotel Alhambra‘s premium wine list of over 400 exquisite labels, including Croatian rarities, orange wines and the finest quality international reds and whites, and participate in regular oenological masterclasses hosted in partnership with leading international winemakers.

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