Northern Ballet’s ‘Victoria’ to be screened in cinemas nationwide this June!

Photo Guy Farrow

Northern Ballet has announced that their latest, world premiere ballet, Victoria, vividly choreographed by director and choreographer Cathy Marston, and imaginatively scored by composer Philip Feeney, will be screened in over 300 UK cinemas for one night only on 25 June 2019, courtesy of CinemaLive.

Victoria premiered at Leeds Grand Theatre in March and is currently on tour until 1 June 2019. The production was filmed at Sadler’s Wells and has already received rave reviews.

In celebration of her bicentenary year – Victoria was born in 1819 and became queen only 18 years later – Northern Ballet, famed for their outstanding narrative works, bring the fascinating story of one of Britain’s most iconic monarchs to life.

Queen Victoria’s everlasting love for her husband Prince Albert created a royal dynasty, but his untimely death brought the world’s most powerful woman to her knees with grief.

Referencing Victoria’s 100+ personal diaries as a dramatic core, Cathy Marston’s gripping ballet reveals the many sides of the woman who gave her name to the Victorian age, told through the eyes of her youngest child and lifelong companion, Beatrice.

Abigail Prudames as Victoria with Riku Ito as Lord Melbourne in Victoria. Photo Emma Kauldhar 

Cathy Marston comments:

“Onstage there are two stories: the story of Beatrice re-writing her mother’s life, and the story of Victoria’s life.  To film the ballet we made careful decisions about which characters to focus on and when, especially as in the choreography I often play with counterpoint: multiple movement ideas happening at the same time. Sometimes it’s possible to capture everything in a wide shot but often it’s a matter of choosing which part of the choreography to zoom in on. This means we had to make decisions on a specific reading of the ballet, which is both interesting and challenging. We didn’t change any of the staging for the cinema adaptation – the version that cinema audiences will see is the same as in the live shows. The fact that Victoria will be shown in cinemas at the end of the live tour means that anyone who has missed out on the live show can still have the chance to enjoy it. Even audiences who did see the production live will be able to enjoy it again from another vantage point and perhaps notice different things or appreciate it in a different way. Audiences will be able to see the dancers’ expressions clearly and appreciate the finer details of the production that they perhaps can’t see as clearly in the live show depending on where they are sat in the theatre. I think this could amplify the emotion and power of the production and I hope audiences will leave the screening having been moved by Victoria’s story.”

For more information, and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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