Escape ‘Murder’ and ‘Madness’ at Exit The Room, Manchester

With so many Escape Rooms to choose from nowadays – and each company attempting to further out-do its competitors – one of hardest decisions gamers face is simply selecting which room to choose next.

Whether you are new to the Escape Room craze and looking for a great place to start, or simply looking for another exciting challenge for your group, Manchester’s Exit The Room is definitely one you need to be adding to your list.

Offering three cleverly constructed rooms: Madness, Bomb and Murder – all ranging from 3-4 star difficulty, and allowing between 2-6 players – Exit The Room‘s games tend to favour enjoyment, atmosphere and immersive fun over nerve-jangling thrills and jump scares, ideal for groups looking for a slightly gentler game.

 Exit The Room first launched in Budapest, Hungary back in 2012 and has since opened branches in Austria, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. The Manchester branch opened in winter 2017 and is currently ETR‘s only branch in the UK.


During the tense years of the cold war, a rogue agent stole a nuclear weapon. His deranged mind-forged a plan to end the tensions of the cold war by using the bomb to start World War III. Locked in his secret bunker he can press the red button at any time! Your mission is to stop his crazy plan and save mankind from destruction. Your time is running out! Stop the agent and neutralise the nuclear bomb before it explodes. The countdown has started – you have 60 minutes to save the world!

Difficulty: 3/5


A world-famous professor has started to show signs of insanity. He has secretly started a new series of psychiatric tests as part of a top secret new project. As the months pass and none of his test volunteers has returned the world grows increasingly suspicious. Your mission is to enter his creepy laboratory and discover what he is working on. The lab could be full of death traps and you have a mere 60 minutes to discover his secret plan, prevent him from carrying it out and ultimately to save mankind!

Difficulty: 3.5/5


In this part of the world, Spooky Town is not mentioned on any of the well-known travel sites. The one and only hotel is not only run-down and shabby but has become infamous over the last few months as many of its guests have disappeared without a trace. As unsolved cases continue to pile up at the police station, the locals whisper rumours of possible murders at the hotel. So far no bodies have been found and until they are no investigation will take place. Your mission is to enter Room Number 9 where the murders are rumoured to have taken place. This is your most important case yet. Your team has one mission: Explore and expose the secrets of Room Number 9.

Difficulty: 4/5

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