Flicker Alley to release Hermann Leitner & Rudolf Nussgruber’s ‘Flying Clipper’

Flicker Alley, in partnership with Busch Media Group, will release Hermann Leitner and Rudolf Nussgruber‘s monumental 1962 documentary travelogue, Flying Clipper (aka Mediterranean Holiday), in a newly restored deluxe premiere Blu-ray + 4K Ultra HD combo edition on 26 March 2019.

The film was scanned in 4K from an original 70mm print and digitally restored by Busch Media. This new edition will feature the original 70mm presentation, along with a completely new Dolby Atmos sound design created to enhance the subtle nuances of the original sound track.

Flying Clipper, directed by Hermann Leitner and featuring narration from Burl Ives, follows the untold adventures of a Swedish sailing ship and its young crew as they navigate the Mediterranean Sea in the early 1960s. This documentary is a stunning travelogue that takes you to the dreamiest destinations of the old world. Under the stewardship of Captain Skoglund, a group of 20 Merchant Marine cadets venture through historical landmarks, such as Tutankhamen’s tomb, and other known wonders of the Mediterranean coastline. First Portugal, then Egypt, this odyssey travels to various points in Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Monaco, ending in Spain. 

Special Features:

  • An Interview with Herbert Born – 70mm expert Herbert Born explains the process that went into restoring Flying Clipper for UHD Blu-ray.
  • An Interview with Marcus Vetter – A film projectionist guides us through the process of screening 70mm film.
  • An Interview with Christoph Engelke – Detailing the audio restoration for Flying Clipper and how the new Dolby Atmos version was crafted.
  • A Restoration Comparison – Side-by-side comparison showcasing the work that went into restoring the film.
  • Trailer Gallery – Additional 4K Busch Media Group trailers.
  • A Program Booklet – A facsimile representation of the original program booklet.

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