BFI to release ‘Jarman Volume Two: 1987-1994’ in a Deluxe Box Set on 25 February 2019

The BFI will release ‘Jarman Volume Two: 1987-1994‘, its second Limited Edition collection of the iconoclastic filmmaker’s works, in a Deluxe 6-Disc Blu-ray Box Set on 25 February 2019.

Marking the 25th anniversary of Derek Jarman’s untimely passing, the box set brings together Jarman’s final six features – all now presented in High Definition for the very first time in the UK – made in the prolonged burst of creativity and political activism that followed his HIV diagnosis in 1987.

The collection also includes Jarman’s posthumously-released elegy to Super 8, Glitterbug (1994), along with an incredible 66 special features – both new and archival, plus trailers, image galleries of rare stills and promotional materials and a 100-page perfect bound book of essays, film credits and more.

The films included are:

·         The Last of England (1987) with Tilda Swinton

·         War Requiem (1989) with Nathaniel Parker, Tilda Swinton, Laurence Olivier

·         The Garden (1990) with Tilda Swinton

·         Edward II (1991) with Steven Waddington, Andrew Tierman, Tilda Swinton

·         Wittgenstein (1993) with Karl Johnson, Michael Gough, Tilda Swinton

·         Blue (1993): contributing musicians include Simon Fisher Turner, Coil, Scanner and Brian Eno

·         Glitterbug (1994) with Adam Ant, Andrew Logan, Toyah Willcox, Marianne Faithfull, William S Burroughs, Genesis P-Orridge and Tilda Swinton


Special Features:

·         Dead Cat (1989, 20 mins): Derek Jarman and his friend and collaborator Genesis P-Orridge both feature in this startling surrealist film in which a young man is terrorised and humiliated, later engaging in a mechanised, industrial sexual encounter

·         Isle of Sheppey (1984, 7 mins): edited highlights from a VHS video shot on a location-hunting expedition, cameraman Derek Jarman chats to writer and cultural historian Jon Savage

·         Depuis le jour: excerpt from Aria (1987, 5 mins): Derek Jarman’s sequence from the anthology film Aria

·         Depuis le jour audio commentary by producer Don Boyd

·         Remembering Derek Jarman (2014, 13 mins)

·         James Mackay Remembers The Last of England (2019, 14 mins)

·         Don Boyd Remembers The Last of England and Aria (2019, 16 mins)

·         Homemade Stuff and Wild Ideas: Simon Fisher Turner on Derek Jarman (2019, 16 mins): the musician and composer looks back on his long and unconventional involvement with Derek Jarman’s art

·         Another Derek: Jarman’s Life Away From the Limelight (2019, 5 mins): interview with artist filmmaker John Scarlett-Davis

·         An Odd Morality (2019, 4 mins): interview with Lee Drysdale

·         Another World for Ourselves (2019, 9 mins): director John Maybury remembers meeting Jarman

·         David Lewis Remembers Dead Cat (2019, 15 mins)

·         Audio commentary on The Last of England with James Mackay, Christopher Hughes, Christopher Hobbs and Simon Fisher Turner

·         Books By My Bedside: Derek Jarman (1989, 25 mins)

·         Derek Jarman in Conversation with Simon Field (1989, 32 mins)

·         Requiem for Jarman (2008, 37 mins): recollections on the making of War Requiem

·         Don Boyd Remembers War Requiem (2019, 38 mins)

·         John Maybury Remembers War Requiem (2019, 8 mins)

·         The Nature of Super 8 (2019, 8 mins)

·         Caravaggio Was Accidental (2019, 10 mins): Simon Fisher Turner remembers his first feature soundtrack for Derek Jarman

·         Before the Last (2019, 15 mins): James Mackay recalls working with Derek Jarman on The Angelic Conversation and Imagining October

·         Derek Jarman Presents (2019, 27 mins): John Maybury remembers the Super 8 filmmaking scene

·         Audio commentary on War Requiem with Don Boyd

  • Derek’s Shoot in Dungeness (1990, 6 mins): rare behind-the-scenes Super 8 footage shot on location at the time of The Garden

·         The Wanderer (1991, 30 mins): experimental film by David Lewis based on the Anglo-Saxon poem of the same name

·         Kiss 25 Goodbye (1991, 7 mins): documents, in bold experimental fashion, the 1991 OutRage! ‘kiss-in’ protest at Bow Street police station

·         Clause and Effect (1988, 19 mins): showing the gay community uniting against homophobic forces and the government around the issue of Clause 28

·         Orange Juice (1984, 41 mins): Derek Jarman’s location shoot for the promo for ‘What Presence?!’ by post-punk band Orange Juice who were fronted by Edwyn Collins

·         Shooting the Hunter (2015, 5 mins)

·         James Mackay Remembers The Garden (2019, 15 mins)

·         Anything Can Happen (2019, 11 mins): Richard Heslop on working with Derek Jarman

·         David Lewis Remembers The Garden (2019, 15 mins)

·         The Other Great Masterpiece (2019, 6 mins): John Maybury considers Jarman’s enthusiasm for gardening

·         Life with Derek: Simon Fisher Turner’s Recordings (2018, 44 mins): The composer’s collage of audio clips recorded during his adventures with Derek Jarman and friends

·         Derek’s Edward (2009, 24 mins): the making of Edward II

·         Ostia (1987, 27 mins): Jarman embodies Pier Paolo Pasolini in this ambitious student film imagining the last hours of the Italian director’s life

·         Ostia audio commentary

·         The Clearing (1993, 7 mins): short film by Alex Bistikas starring Derek Jarman and Keith Collins

·         The Extended Derek Jarman Interview (1991, 70 mins): Colin McCabe discuses films and filmmaking with Derek Jarman

·         Cut/Action (2019, 8 mins): Simon Fisher Turner provides the music and narration for this video essay

·         David Lewis Remembers Edward II (2019, 4 mins)

·         The Same Spirit (2019, 6 mins): Don Boyd remembers Jarman’s later years

·         Truly Beautiful (2019, 19 mins): interview with award-winning costumer designer Sandy Powell

·         Derek Jarman in Conversation with Colin McCabe (1991, 97 mins, audio only)

·         Karl Johnson on Wittgenstein (2007, 9 mins)

·         Tilda Swinton on Wittgenstein and Derek Jarman (2007, 10 mins)

·         Tariq Ali on Producing Wittgenstein (2007, 9 mins)

·         Wittgenstein: Behind the Scenes (1993, 22 mins)

·         Wittgenstein: An Introduction (2007, 4 mins)

·         Face to Face: Derek Jarman (1993, 41 mins): Derek Jarman interviewed by Jeremy Isaacs

·         Producer Tariq Ali on Wittgenstein (2014, 7 mins)

·         Jarmanalia with Simon Fisher Turner (2019, 17 mins)

·         Films Made By A Painter (2019, 5 mins): James Mackay reflects on Jarman’s distinctive style as a filmmaker

·         21st Century Nuns (1994, 10 mins)

·         Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman (2009, 13 mins)

·         James Mackay Remembers Blue (2019, 15 mins)

·         Simon Fisher Turner Remembers Blue (2019, 8 mins)

·         David Lewis Remembers Blue (2019, 13 mins)

·         Hard to Imagine (2019, 8 mins): John Maybury recalls Jarman’s journey towards Blue

·         After the Garden (2019, 10 mins): Richard Heslop remembers Jarman’s later days

·         Total Magic (2019, 6 mins): production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back upon Jarman’s fascination with occult imagery

·         After Neutron (2019, 8 mins): interview with Lee Drysdale

·         The Best Mentor (2019, 9 mins): John Scarlett-Davis recalls Jarman’s latter days and reflects upon his artistic legacy

·         Glitterbug and Beyond (2019, 7 mins): James Mackay remembers the production of Glitterbug

·         David Lewis Remembers Glitterbug (2019, 7 mins)

  • Bliss (1991, 40 mins, audio): the London debut of the incredible avant-garde live show that helped raise funds to produce Blue, featuring Derek Jarman and Tilda Swinton

·         Trailers

·         An assortment of image galleries including rare stills and promotional materials from all of the included feature films

·         100-page perfect bound book of essays, full credits and more


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