George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’ returns to the big screen on 24 October 2018!

On Wednesday 24 October 2018George A. Romero’s iconic and hugely influential horror classic, Night of the Living Dead, will return to cinemas across UK and Ireland in a newly restored and remastered version presented by Fathom Events, CinEvents and Living Dead Media to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Night of the Living Dead will be accompanied by an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of this iconic film featuring Guillermo del Toro and Robert Rodriguez.

For decades the film has been seen only in murky, fuzzy versions, however prior to his death in 2017, Romero supervised a restoration of Night of the Living Dead in anticipation of the film’s 50th anniversary, working with the film’s sound engineer, Gary Streiner, to restore and remaster the movie in 4K Ultra HD from the original camera negative.

This new remastered version is more visually striking and terrifying than ever!

The film tells the deceptively simple story of a group of strangers trapped in a farmhouse and find themselves fending of a horde of recently dead flesh-eating ghouls.

Romero’s claustrophobic vision of a late-1960s America literally tearing itself apart rewrote the rules of the horror genre, combining gruesome gore with acute social commentary, while quietly breaking ground by casting an African-American actor (Duane Jones) in its leading role.

The Museum of Modern Art, The Film Foundation, The George Lucas Family Foundation, and The Celeste Bartos Film Preservation Center supported the restoration project.

Night of The Living Dead is back in cinemas on 24th October 2018. For more information, and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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