HOME, Manchester, to host 8-week film course ‘France on Screen, Now . . . and Then’

One Sings, the Other Doesn’t

If we want to know learn more about the role of cinema in today’s world, French cinema is a good place to start.

Taught over the course of eight weeks, and led by Isabelle Vanderschelden, Senior Lecturer in French Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University and Roy Stafford, Freelance Film Educator, HOME‘s new beginners level course, France on Screen, Now . . . and Then, will look to explore how films inform and illustrate what has happened to France and its people over 50 years, between les événements of May 1968 and now, between the last year of De Gaulle and the first year of Macron?

How does a major national cinema engage with change – through films that deal directly with ‘social issues’ or through the details of familiar genres?

Grand Central

France produces more films than any other country in Europe and French cinema audiences support those productions in significant numbers.

Many would argue that French cinema is one of the few global cinemas with successful film exports and a diverse film culture supported by the state. Film is important in France.

But what does French cinema say about France and French society?

One Sings, the Other Doesn’t

The course will focus on two major issues: the impact of 1970s feminism, and changes in employment practices and the workplace.

The course will screen two very different films directed by women and explore the range of different genres and filmmaking approaches in French cinema.

For more information, and to view the full course outline, please Click Here.

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