Experience ‘Merlin’s Magic Academy’ at moviESCAPE, Stockport!

moviESCAPE has recently launched a thrilling new escape room at its Stockport site and its pretty safe to say that Merlin and Harry Potter fans alike will go crazy for it!

Built by professional movie set designers – and featuring authentic props from major Hollywood movies – ‘Merlin’s Magic Academy’ uses state of the art technology to allow players to do ‘real magic spells’, and features an animatronic prop that was custom built just for this room. 

Beware though, breaking out the family friendly room is certainly no easy task, so be prepared for a host of challenging and taxing puzzles as you explore the immersive room of old books, paintings and magical accessories- equipped with just a few candles for light!

moviESCAPE is the brainchild of a group of movie producers (including a BAFTA winner!) and attraction owners that have brought their film and TV contacts together to form what many regard as the UK’s best escape room experience.  Their escape rooms have a mix of puzzles, games, entertainment and video interaction.

Their Breaking Bad themed escape room, ‘Escape the Meth Lab’ opened last Autumn and has been a huge success. 

Unlike other escape rooms, moviESCAPE has used movie props and sets to build the ultimate movie themed experience.

The first room, ‘Haunted House’ took 8 months to build as it has sourced props from Horror movies and even contains props from real life haunted houses including a record player from The Enfield House and an antique bible from The Amityville House, as well as other haunted artefacts.

To ensure players get the full immersive experience, owners have used crew from major Hollywood movies to build and design their rooms.   

A spokesperson for moviESCAPE says:

“As film makers and fans we have done everything we can to make the players feel like they are in a movie. We have used real movie sets, props and crew to ensure our clients get the best experience possible. People have likened the quality of the Magic room to attractions at Universal Studios.  We currently have 5 rooms and are a growing attraction. This is the first phase of our  escape room ‘theme park.”

Looking for a great, alternative day out for family, friends and parties alike, head over to moviESCAPE and experience some of the best escape rooms the UK has to offer!

For more information, and to book a room, please Click Here.

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