Interview – Asanda Kupa [Nando’s Feast Your Eyes 2018]

This weekend (13th – 15th July 2018), Nando’s is inviting PERi-PERi fans and art enthusiasts into its Notting Hill restaurant for the return of Feast Your Eyes, which launched last summer at Nando’s Soho.

Feast Your Eyes 2018 will see the Nando’s Notting Hill restaurant transformed into a pop-up, free to enter art gallery to showcase original artwork from some of South Africa’s leading artists.

Ahead of the opening, we caught up with the five exhibiting artists to discuss their work, influences and the aims of the exhibition.

First up … Asanda Kupa!

Tell us a little about your background? 

I was born and bred in Molteno a small town in the Karoo, Eastern Cape South Africa; the second of two siblings.

When did you first discover you had a talent for art? 

As a kid I always enjoyed drawing and putting things together or disassembling them. I remember when I was ten years old or so I had a clear vision of myself with an easel, a pallet and a brush in my hand and a model.

Who/what are your primary influences and how do you incorporate them into your work? 

The political spirit in Banksy and the historical aspect and sacrificees of artists like Ephraim Gantane, and Dumile Feni  encourage me to carry on as an artist. Thinking about these artists and more and their stories and work have influence in what I do.

What materials do you tend to work with most? Talk us through your set up. 

I work with paint mostly but I believe in experimentation and exploration of different mediums. My process of work is very spontaneous and free, I would like to think that I keep it natural and raw.

Talk us through your planning process. How much planning and research goes into each piece? 

My work is very interconnected, each piece doesn’t really carry a single story. I work mostly about occurrences and life around me. For instance the protests and gatherings are things that just happen, same as my work. I like to think about life in general when making art. I really believe that art making shouldn’t be a strenuous process but a fulfilling experience.

Many people are perhaps a little apprehensive about pursuing art as a hobby or potential career for fear of failure and being judged. Where do you start and how do you overcome those obstacles? 

Well I believe art is more of a calling than mere talent and a career or hobby, so if it’s in you and you really want to follow, one just needs to do it regardless of what people say or think. I think an artist should love what they are doing before they expect others to.

What are the biggest challenges of being a professional artist? 

I think a big challenge should be starting a new artwork really, or finishing the one you are busy with. But in what’s called a ‘real world’ artists challenges are mostly where or how to sell their art, as well as the space to do it and maybe materials and sometimes inspiration.

How did you get involved with Nando’s Feast Your Eyes? 

An organization named Spier Arts Trust collects art work from me on a regular basis and they work together with Nando’s who funds this great initiative, so I was fortunately selected this year to take part in Feast Your Eyes!

Tell us a little about the project and your collaboration. What can people expect to see? 

I have three paintings up: two Crowd scenes and and a portrait.

What do you hope audiences will take away from viewing your work?

I hope they take energy.

Feast Your Eyes will be taking place at Nando’s Notting Hill, London (58-60 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3HT) from 13th July until 15th July. Entry is free

For more information on the exhibition and opening times, please Click Here.

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