Selladoor & Winter Gardens Blackpool to restore the historic Pavilion Theatre to its full former glory!

As the Winter Gardens Blackpool today celebrates its 140th anniversary, global producers Selladoor Worldwide and operators Blackpool Entertainment Company have announced a new partnership to bring a fresh lease of creative life to the historic Pavilion Theatre, based within the grade 2* listed venue, and restore one of the city’s most important and historically significant buildings back to its former glory.

During this joint venture, Selladoor Worldwide will lead on programing the space with both produced and received work, whilst Winter Gardens Blackpool will focus on the renovations to save and restore the theatre back to its full former glory for future generations to enjoy.

 Selladoor’s Northern Powerhouse will be based out of the Pavilion Theatre in Blackpool, the oldest venue in the Winter Gardens complex. The venue was part of the original 1878 build and was an entertainment hub, catering to large crowds at the turn of the 20th century. Although a stunning and richly decorated building, with opulent interior designs, this building is no longer used as a theatre, and is currently listed as ‘at risk’ by the Theatres Trust.

 The aim of the project is to revitalise the venue to once again be an important entertainment hub for the town of Blackpool and surrounding northern cities. The theatre space will be used for event theatre as well as non-conventional and immersive theatre, helping to diversify the artistic programming and cultural experiences available to the residents of Blackpool. 

 David Hutchinson & Phillip Rowntree – Selladoor Worldwide

Executive Creative Producer David Hutchinson for Selladoor Worldwide says:

“A town as bold as Blackpool is the perfect location for our Northern producing base to make waves in the north of the country. Our decision to base a dedicated team in Blackpool will enable us to focus on cultural development and engagement in the town and surrounding areas. With a new and stimulating programme of work to feature at The Pavilion Theatre, complimented by a broad selection of Selladoor’s touring productions that regularly perform at the Winter Gardens, we are extremely excited to see a town that is very dear to our hearts, flourish and succeed as it’s members of public deserve”.

For more information on The Winter Gardens, please Click Here.

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