‘Battlefield V’ to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin worldwide on 19 October 2018

DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, has officially announced that Battlefield™ V will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Origin for PC on 19 October 2018, offering a fresh and immersive portrayal of World War II as never seen before.

Through new and signature multiplayer modes, single-player War Stories and the cooperative Combined Arms, Battlefield V allows players to feel the unmatched intensity of all-out war and travel to unexpected but crucial moments of the devastating conflict.

In Battlefield V gamers will embark on a continuing, grand journey post-launch in the brand new Tides of War, created to make sure the battlefield is constantly evolving with new events, challenges, battles, and rewards that are always within reach.

Battlefield V multiplayer will deliver the most immersive gameplay of the franchise in a sandbox environment that portrays the battles of World War 2, allowing players to feel the force of the fight and truly shape the war as the war shapes them.

Players’ soldiers can now tow stationary weapons, build fortifications and repair war-torn structures to turn the battlefield to the player’s advantage.

Whether dragging a squad mate to safety or shooting a grenade out of the sky, players will forge a deeper connection to the ever-evolving world around them and achieve victory against the toughest odds.

Battlefield V will be available worldwide 19 October 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Origin for PC.

Those that order the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition will get access three days early on 16 October 2018, while EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to jump into the Play First Trial on 11 October 2018.

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