5-star Abaton Island Resort & Spa, Crete to launch in April 2018

Opening in April 2018, the 5-star Abaton Island Resort & Spa, Crete provides a personal sanctuary for all its guests, guaranteeing an amazing holiday with 152 uniquely designed rooms (71 with pools), ultra-luxurious interior design, fine dining on the water’s edge and exceptional guest service.

The inspiring design, style and grandness of Abaton are apparent on arrival. Marble staircases, fountains of lights and historic architecture frame the entrance. The hotel is designed to reflect a beautiful maze, with each room leading to another and never failing to impress.

To capture the true reality of the feeling and emotion of arriving at Abaton, the hotel has decided to mark its opening with a brand new storytelling video.

The concept was based on a modern take of the Legend of Ariadne’s Thread.

Owner George Kaloutsakis commented:

“Guests often want to take a break from the stress of everyday life and Abaton provides a place to unwind, relax and enjoy. We want all our guests to feel their best with us, to explore Abaton and leave feeling refreshed.

Each guest is extremely important to us, we acknowledge their individual needs and go the extra mile so that each visitor can really find their personal sanctuary here at Abaton”.

Abaton is already making a name for itself due to its exceptional hospitality and attention to detail in guest relations.

If you’re looking for a new hot-spot this summer, where better than Abaton Island Resort & Spa.

Book now and bask in the comfort of modern seafront accommodation spread across 360 metres of stunning coastline

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