Latest Review – Opeth [O2 Ritz Manchester]


O2 Ritz Manchester 

15th November 2017

Ever since a fellow muso thrust an Opeth CD at me and said “I think you might like these” I have been hooked and hence, the expectation on the evening of 15th November was extremely high. The venue, the O2 Ritz, a particular favourite of mine for atmosphere and sound quality, was the perfect setting for Opeth in Manchester.

The venue was packed with a lively good natured plethora of fans chatting away until silenced by expectation as the lights dimmed and with Scandinavian punctuality Opeth took to the stage.

Proceedings started with Sorceress and my high expectation was exceeded. The execution of the live performance was of an exceptionally high standard with the crystal clear vocals of Mikael Akerfeldt which switch from melodic tones to harsh ‘thrash style’ and back again in conjunction with the ever changing style and tempo that is Opeth.

Opeth are unique in the music world as their style is a fusion of intricate complex atmospheric tunes which move seamlessly into faster heavier riffs which makes  for a mesmerising live performance.

The tracks played were a diverse blend of new and old. Hessian Peel was preceded by Mikael apologising in case they made any mistakes. His witty dry humour and conversational interludes between songs made for entertaining listening which I am sure would have continued in the Brewdog Pub, the after show party location the Band were frequenting.

The tightness of this band and their catalogue of music played have stood the test of time. Martin Axentrot on drums delivered an exceptional performance and is fully deserving of the nomination of Best prog drummer of 2017.

The symbiotic relationship between the band, with their unique style of music, and their loyal ‘cult’ following makes for a truly memorable live performance experience. Windowpane was performed to perfection and went down particularly well with the crowd. The encore finished off the night with Deliverance, an older track but a firm favourite with the crowd

A truly memorable performance and one which I hope to repeat next time Opeth visit Manchester

Kath Pindard

For more information on Opeth, and upcoming tour dates, please Click Here.

Set List

1. Sorceress

2. Ghost of Perdition

3. Hessian Peel

4 The Wilde Flowers

5. Windowpane

6. Haxprocess

7. Moon Above, Sun Below

8. Era

9. The Drapery Falls

Encore: Deliverance


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