Forced Entertainment’s ‘Real Magic’ opens at HOME, Manchester on 29 November, 2017

Sheffield’s award-winning theatre company Forced Entertainment will make its HOME debut in association with Contact later this month, with three performances of its acclaimed production Real Magic, running from Wednesday 29 November to Friday 1 December 2017.

To the sound of looped applause and canned laughter, a group of performers take part in an impossible illusion – part mind-reading feat, part cabaret act, part chaotic game show – in which they endlessly revisit moments of defeat, hope and anticipation.

Caught in a world of second-chances and second-guesses, variations and changes, distortions and transformations, Real Magic takes you on a hallucinatory journey, creating a compelling performance about optimism, individual agency and the desire for change.

Real Magic sees regular Forced Entertainment performers Richard Lowdon and Claire Marshall joined by Jerry Killick, who has worked with the group on numerous projects including Bloody Mess and And On the Thousandth Night.

Real Magic is not suitable for under-16s, and contains some strong language.

For more information, and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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