Jade Mountain St Lucia’s Eco Spa launches new home-grown treatments

Jade Mountain St Lucia has announced a new range of home-grown spa treatments at its hilltop Kai En Ciel Spautilising the finest organic produce from the resort’s 600-acre Emerald Estate, including chocolate, mangoes, spices and botanicals.

‘Home-grown’ treatments will include an organic Chocolate Facial, Mango Body Scrub or a De-Stress Muscle Release massage with warming black pepper, rosemary and ginger, with all produce hand-picked by one of Jade Mountain’s experienced agriculturalists.

The treatments are the latest example of the resort’s commitment to import nothing that can be grown or made locally, with 40% of all produce served at the 29-room Jade Mountain and 49-room sister-resort Anse Chastanet grown on the shared 600-acre estate.

The Kai En Ciel Spa has a variety of eco-friendly practises in place, including a rain and river water purification system which provides the resort with fresh water, a towel and sheet reuse programme, pool water recycling and low flush toilets.

For more information on Jade Mountain, and to book your stay, please Click Here.

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