ROKA Mayfair launches new ‘Whisky Journey’, the ultimate experience for whisky connoisseurs

ROKA Mayfair has announced the launch of its new Whisky Journey, the ultimate experience for whisky connoisseurs which offers guests the opportunity to purchase their own bottle of rare and limited import Japanese whisky to be kept behind the bar and enjoyed upon each visit to the restaurant.

With the discerning clientele in mind, ROKA has carefully curated a menu of the most premium and exceptional Japanese whiskies. The unique bottles range from the Hakushu Sherry Cask, 2012; which is a limited-edition release. This bottle has been matured in Sherry casks and is limited to only 3,000 bottles; whereas the ultra-premium Yazamaki Mizunara Cask, 1979; has been matured for 29 years in rare Japanese Mizunara oak cask, and is one of just 294 bottles. ROKA’s ‘Whisky Journey’ will showcase some of the rarest of Japanese whiskies, complementing the stunning cuisine available at ROKA Mayfair.

Each bottle purchased will be accompanied by a hand-embossed leather label. There will be the additional option, making the perfect gift for the seasoned whisky drinker, to purchase a bespoke and personalised metal tag kept over the neck of each bottle. For each owner, every time they visit ROKA Mayfair, the bar team at will be on hand to serve the whisky of choice with carved ice and water as per personal preference.

These carefully selected whiskies capture ROKA’s dedication to providing a luxurious dining experience and showcases their expert knowledge of these Japanese spirits. A perfect gift for the perceptive whisky drinker, ROKA Mayfair’s ‘Whisky Journey’ goes above and beyond and offers a new opportunity to indulge in superior whiskies within the sophisticated and ambient setting of ROKA Mayfair.

For more information, and to make a reservation, please Click Here.

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