Ninety7 unleashes ‘VAUX’, created specifically for the Amazon Echo Dot

Designed to enhance the Dot experience, Ninety7 has now unleashed VAUX, the first battery-powered speaker designed specifically for the Amazon Echo Dot (second generation).

Consumers can now cut the cord and set their Dot free, allowing for greater mobility as well as increased audio quality.

VAUX is an easy and affordable way to make the Amazon Dot even more powerful and ubiquitous in the home. With its fast to set up and ease of use, the VAUX creates a sophisticated home -command center for less than £50. With an average of 6 hours of “cordless use,” VAUX creates the right environment for extended periods of productivity, relaxation, discovery and entertainment.

Kevin Brennan, CEO at Ninety7, commented:

“Amazon’s Echo Dot is a phenomenal device. By improving its audio quality and facilitating mobility, VAUX elevates the Dot from gadget to indispensable home companion and allows for a different look than what is currently available in the Amazon family. VAUX improves communication with Alexa and, with enhanced portability, puts her within speaking distance, anywhere in the home. VAUX unleashes the potential of the Dot.”

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