HOME, Manchester to host three productions for Flare Festival 2017

Following successful festivals in 2011 and 2015, The Flare International Festival of New Theatre is back, capitalising on the success of the Manchester International Festival with a programme featuring some of the most exciting and innovative new experimental theatre makers around.

Flare is an ongoing project that aims to provide support for new international theatre artists and establish Manchester as an international hub for new radical theatre makers, galvanizing the contemporary theatre audience in Manchester.

From Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th July, HOME, Manchester will play host to a series of three Double Bill productions, with full details below:

FLARE17 HOME Double Bill #1

ONE, by BOG (NL)

An award winning solo by Lisa Verbelen, in which a rolling score drives the increasingly musical contribution of a lone performer, as she negotiates the inevitable circularity of the world she’s caught up in.

Enchantingly simple, this is a performance that reflects on movement and, because it’s a solo, on loneliness – a very beautiful choir piece for four voices, sung by one woman.

Leopard Murders, by K.U.R.S.K (CH)

This is the story of George Christoph Ebrecht – a radical politician, speech writer, Nazi SS officer, peace activist and grandfather of Timo Krstin, director of K.U.R.S.K. What does it mean, to learn from history? What is truth? What will always be propaganda? And what does this say about the populist politicians of today?

Sometimes seen as controversial, Leopard Murders has been broadly acclaimed across Germany, Austria and Switzerland (in English).

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FLARE17 HOME Double Bill #2

Thu 6 Jul 2017 – Fri 7 Jul 2017

Baardeman, by Simon de Winne & Tibaldus (BE)

‘When I’m dancing, I don’t care a thing if the ugliness comes out or not, ‘cause I’m dancing, it’s me’.

In Baardeman a body repeatedly walks on and off the stage. Again and again it tries out new shapes, shapes through which to construct and re-construct itself. Only gradually do those watching start to sense why.

Baardeman is a research project by Belgian actor Simon De Winne, in which he questions the possibilities of his own movement, and the relationship between movement and identity. It is a surprisingly touching and energetic exploration of how a body can move, and what it might say about the person moving.

Castle Rock, by Massive Owl (UK)

A distortion of the film Stand By Me.

As flashing neon lights descend upon the tracks, a boxing-gloved boy with a death wish comes head to head with a white suited locomotive and a deer in black patent stilettos…

Castle Rock is a new story inspired by three of the voiceless characters in Stephen King’s novella The Body and its 1986 cult film adaptation, Stand By Me. Expect distorted sound, movement and text as Massive Owl contort the book’s characters and twist the film’s soundtrack into a re-imagined story about loss and acceptance.

Welcome to Castle Rock!

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FLARE17 HOME Double Bill #3

Moore Bacon!, by Bosse Provoost & Kobe Chielens/de polen (BE)

An award-winning show where a live body floats in a dark space. It stretches, shrinks and bursts into pieces, only to re-appear afresh. Moore Bacon! plays with the spectator’s eye, creating form, texture and colour in the imagination as much as the reality of the stage.

Whilst this disintegrating body inevitably speaks to us about death, there is a strength and joy, and playfulness, to be found in a pile of chunks trying to puzzle themselves back together.

Charlie and the Bukowskies, by Nineties Productions (NL)

A fictitious tribute band play their songs (and scenes as if they where songs) based on the prose and poetry of the American misfit of the beat generation: Charles Bukowski.

Two decades after his death four young performers pay homage to the raw perspective of this dirty old man.

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