The Watermill Theatre announces casting for Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘House’ and ‘Garden’

The Watermill Theatre has today announced full casting for Alan Ayckbourn’s forthcoming duo of comedies, House and Garden, two major productions at the heart of the theatre’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The plays will be performed simultaneously by the same cast in the theatre and covered seating in the theatre’s gardens, from 25 May to 1 July. One character’s entrance to House in the theatre is another’s exit outside from Garden in this fast-paced duo of plays.

House and Garden’s storyline can be enjoyed through the eyes of different characters in either the garden or the theatre. Both are complete plays with an interval and can be watched in any order. It is possible to watch both plays on one day on Thursdays and Saturdays when there will be 2pm matinée performances and 7pm evening performances. 

Directed by Elizabeth Freestone (RSC, Shakespeare’s Globe) the cast includes: Teresa Banham (Trish), Darrell Brockis (Gavin), Melody Brown (Izzie), Grace Cheatle (Sally), Louise Coulthard (Pearl), Cate Hamer (Joanna), Nanou Harry (Lucille), Gareth Kennerley (Barry), Imran Momen(Jake), Robert Mountford (Giles), Gary Pillai (Warn), Sally Tatum (Lindy), Tim Treloar (Teddy), Jessica Woo (Fran).

The cast will be joined by a company of 16 local children.

In House, at the Platt country manor, womanising landowner Teddy Platt eagerly awaits the arrival of an old friend. Keen to impress his important guest, Teddy’s efforts to reconcile with Trish, his discontented wife, are thwarted by flirtatious French actress Lucille, guest of honour at the annual village fete taking place outside.

In Garden, fevered preparations for the annual village fete are well underway. Amidst the manicured setting, gossip, affairs and petty feuds run rife. As a host of vibrant characters and troubled couples mingle throughout the day, emotions begin to unravel before sunset.

House and Garden are designed Neil Irish with lighting designed by Mark DymockHelen Skiera is composer and sound designer.

For more information, and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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