Multi-award winning comic storyteller Sarah Kendall adapts her critically acclaimed trilogy for radio

Multi-award winning comic storyteller Sarah Kendall adapts her critically acclaimed trilogy for radio

TX – 28th Feb // 7th March // 14th March

Originally developed as live shows in Melbourne and the Edinburgh Festival, multi-award winning and ‘two-time Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee’ comic storyteller Sarah Kendall is set to bring her critically acclaimed trilogy of funny and moving stories to BBC Radio 4 starting on Tuesday 28th February.

Sarah is a storytelling maestro, and in these three half-hour shows, she gives a unique snapshot of small-town life in Australia in the late 80s and early 90s. At a time when most people were seeing Australians through the filter of ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Neighbours’, Sarah’s shows present a darker underbelly to the stereotype of the sun-loving, happy-go-lucky Aussie teenager.

Effortlessly combining comedy and tragedy in equal measure, Sarah’s tales of her teenage life blend intricate narratives with a cast of memorable characters, providing belly laughs along with moments of heart wrenching poignancy.

Episode Guide

A Day In October: TX

Tuesday 28th February 2017 – 11pm

In 1990, one of Sarah Kendall’s best friends died for exactly eleven seconds.

A Day In October is a story about the insights the boy developed into life and death, and the remarkable effect those eleven seconds had on Sarah and her schoolmates.

Touchdown: TX

Tuesday 7th March 2017 –  11pm

Touchdown is a captivating narrative of Sarah’s life as a self conscious teenage girl, of being unpopular, having her heart broken and of losing a friend.

This is is a coming of age story that explores the clumsiness of adolescents, their awkward relationships, and painful need for friendship and love.

Shaken: TX

Tuesday 14th March 2017 –  11pm

 In 1989, Sarah Kendall told a lie. She told everyone that she was nearly abducted on her way to school.

She didn’t know why she said it, she certainly didn’t want or expect the attention that sprung from it, but within hours the situation had spiralled out of control.

Her story captured the imagination of her small town, and transformed her life.

Image by Rosalind Furlong

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