Latest Review – Derren Brown: Miracle [The Lowry, Salford Quays] [UK Tour]

Derren Brown: Miracle

The Lowry, Salford Quays

Until Saturday 11th June, 2016

Early on in the evening Mr. Brown himself made a polite request to all journalists covering the show to refrain, if possible, from including any spoilers, secrets and information whatsoever about the show in the final reviews. Of course that is a very challenging request to honour, but nevertheless it will be honoured, so expect this review to be as vague and ambiguous as possible.

Returning to the stage with his seventh live show in just thirteen years of touring, it proves yet another astounding evening of playful and utterly baffling mental trickery by a showman at the very top of his game.

Unfolding on a brilliantly designed set courtesy of Simon Higlett – with stunning video projections from Simon Wainwright and atmospheric lighting from Tim Mascall – Brown uses the first half of the show as a sort of ‘Greatest Hits’ showcase, putting a unique new spin on some familiar routines that prove no less extraordinary than the first time we witnessed them and leaving even the most sceptical audience members scratching their heads in bewilderment.

As expected, there is a great deal of audience participation throughout ranging from the likes of simple misdirection and compliance to persuading audience members to ‘go with it’ and take a risk, but this is a mere warm-up for some of the truly perplexing scenes to be witnessed in the second part of the show.

Undoubtedly there will be very few people attending Brown’s show who will ever have experienced an authentic US Christian evangelical convention themselves, however as he opens the second part of the evening, our host gives his congregation the opportunity to experience a transformative group healing first hand, speaking in tongues, waving his arms in the air and satirically adopting the persona of bible-bashing preacher to produce the apparent ‘miracles’ that follow.

Brown has previously been openly critical of so-called evangelical faith healers and even made the television programme ‘Miracles for Sale’ in an attempt to expose their fraudulence. Particularly under the radar here is Pastor Benny Hinn, the fraudulent televangelist who rakes in a colossal $100 million a year by convincing the thousands of unsuspecting Christians that pack out the stadiums on his so-called faith-healing ‘Miracle Crusades’ to hand over their hard earned cash – not forgetting to fill in all their bank details and even include their expiry date.

As with all his shows, Brown leaves us with a very poignant and reflective message to seize the day, trust in ourselves and not be afraid to take risks; we are in control of our own actions.

It is a truly remarkable evening of deception and psychological trickery and as we collectively scrutinise the numerous volunteers with an ever sceptical eye we can only applaud Mr. Brown for his masterful stagecraft, showmanship and the many feats of wonder he conjures up.

Running Time: 2 hours and 45-minutes (approx.), including one 20-minute interval.

Final Performance at The Lowry, Salford Quays: Saturday 11th June, 2016.

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