Second Run DVD to release ‘Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works – A Collection of 12 Films’ on 27 June 2016

Joshua Oppenheimer: Early Works

A Collection of 12 Films

Release Date: 27 June 2016

Joshua Oppenheimer is one of the world’s most renowned documentary filmmakers. His latest, multi award-winning films The Act of Killing (2012) and The Look of Silence (2014) have challenged and redefined perceptions about the very nature of documentary cinema.

Second Run are delighted to present, for the first time ever on home video, the complete cycle of Joshua Oppenheimer’s early works.


These films do not simply record or document facts; they are playful, artistic, and philosophical.

Often confrontational, and frequently disquieting, they reveal how Oppenheimer’s instinct for social justice has developed into a fully-fledged art form.

A compelling body of work, this DVD contains 12 films:

– Light Test (1995)

– Camera Test (1995)

– Hugh (1996)

– The Challenge of Manufacturing (1996)

– These Places We’ve Learned to Call Home (1996)

– The Entire History of the Louisiana Purchase (1997)

– Land of Enchantment (2000)

– The Globalisation Tapes (2002)

– Market Update (2002)

– A Brief History of Paradise as Told by the Cockroaches (2002)

– Muzak: A Tool of Management (2002)

– Postcard from Sun City, Arizona (2003)

Special Features:

• Presented from brand new remastered transfers of the films, supervised and approved by director Joshua Oppenheimer.

• Exclusive, new filmed interview with Joshua Oppenheimer.

• Original soundtracks in stereo 2.0 audio.

• Booklet featuring a new essay by writer and curator Gareth Evans.

• Available for the first time anywhere on home video.

Release Date: 27 June, 2016

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