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Cinematic set design, jaw-dropping physicality and macabre slapstick combine with an unsettling soundtrack from Bellini, Stravinsky and Pink Floyd to create an unforgettable piece of dance theatre that plunges spectators into a foreboding universe of cold, wind and ice.

In 32 rue Vandenbranden, from Belgium’s Peeping Tom, a pair of rickety trailer homes sit within a snow-covered landscape, left wholly exposed to the elements under a wide, open sky. Here, the people of a small mountain community succumb to their subconscious fears, overcome by a pervading sense of loneliness that they can’t escape. It is an intoxicating, genre–defying piece: poetic, mesmerising and utterly unique. When the borders between reality and imagination blur, the characters lose themselves in a haunting and unsettling world where humanity and humour punctuate their isolation.

The actress-dancer Maria Otal, who in spite of her advanced age shone in Le Sous Sol, contributed to the creation. She died unexpectedly in Brussels, 10 days before the premiere of 32 rue Vandenbranden, and Peeping Tom dedicates this performance to her.

Having toured the world for six years to audience and critical acclaim, 32 rue Vandenbranden has collected a large number of awards, including winning the Best New Dance Production at the 2015 Olivier Awards.

“I first saw 32 rue Vandenbranden in Munich in 2012 and also last year at The Barbican,” says Walter Meierjohann, HOME’s Artistic Director for Theatre. “It’s a true cross-art experience as it merges amazing dance with a beautiful set design that has an almost cinematic feel to it. In a snowy, mountainous landscape, we see two caravans which allow the audience to peer in to the windows of the caravan, uncovering stories of the characters’ lives.

“The play blurs realism and surrealism through a series of ambiguous encounters and deeply funny moments. The dance is astonishing, the set is ground-breaking, and I hope Manchester will enjoy this Olivier Award-winning production.”

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