Tom Dixon & Caesarstone reveal experimental food concept ‘The RESTAURANT’ at Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2016


Tom Dixon & Caesarstone to reveal a conceptual menu using Electrolux Grand Cuisine at Salone del Mobile 2016

An experimental food concept pop-up will explore the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water at Milan 2016 design festival

Electrolux Grand Cuisine has been selected by British designer Tom Dixon to feature in his experimental food concept ‘The RESTAURANT’ during Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan.

‘The RESTAURANT by Caesarstone & Tom Dixon’ at Milan’s MUBA in the Rotonda della Besana will feature radical Tom Dixon design, futuristic kitchens by the leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone, and revolutionary Electrolux Grand Cuisine systems.

A collection of recipes curated by Italian food design studio Arabeschi di Latte will explore the power of nature’s elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water, in a menu that combines traditional matter with modern techniques. Dishes will be created using Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances; the world’s first professional cooking system designed for the home. Each course will be prepared in four Caesarstone kitchens and served in four Tom Dixon dining halls designed to allow the visitor to relax and experience the latest ideas in Materiality, Luminosity and Texture.

Speaking about the concept and the partnership with Grand Cuisine, Tom Dixon says, “I first came across Electrolux Grand Cuisine two years ago in London and have since been looking for an opportunity to work with the brand. The systems work seamlessly in any kitchen design setting and I was intrigued by the idea of incorporating the sleek, contemporary systems into The RESTAURANT, which is situated in a 17th century deconsecrated church, it offers a beautiful contradiction.”




AIR – Skyfruit (meringue with aromatic whipped cream)

cream | egg | aromatic herbs

In a small collection of recipes air is the very matter of preparation. The egg is the fruit deriving from this environment and its versatile combinations with air and whipped cream are arranged with other counterparts to create a landscape of aromatic clouds and void.

The Vacuum Sealer and Stand Mixer remove or whip in Air playing with its transforming powers.


EARTH – The root box (glazed roots with wok sautéed mushrooms)

roots | mushrooms | brown sugar

Ingredients from the ground are prepared from a recipe that makes use of the flavourful surrounding of earth and soil. The recipe explores the traditional cooking process of the hay box, which uses hay to isolate the heat of a cooking process and stretches it for hours.

The Combination Oven and Induction Zone control heat and humidity with precision to recreate this earth effect.


FIRE – Black Flat (black flat bread with cheese cream)

layered dough | spices | cheese

Dough and heat go into a play around crispy surfaces and layers that are about to merge. Blackness from the remains of a lapsed fire enlaces the bread entirely. Cheese balances out with a savoury softness.

The Sear Hob works as a cooking device able to roast like the sun or heat as a fire that has just lapsed.


WATER – Floating garden (aromatic stock with frozen leaves)

frozen herbs and vegetables | vegetable stock

A twist on the traditional “stock“. Hot steaming aromatic broth transforms frozen leaves into moving green, tinging the liquid slowly.

The Induction Zone and Blast Chiller rapidly heat or chill water to alter its states


About Electrolux Grand Cuisine

Electrolux Grand Cuisine was developed after in-depth research revealed a gap in the market and a true consumer desire to recreate restaurant food at home. The cooking system utilises interactive touchscreen technology to ensure that the products are incredibly intuitive to use, whether you are whipping an egg white to create an airy meringue or creating a culinary masterpiece. The Electrolux Grand Cuisine system comprises nine products, which together create a technologically advanced system that home chefs can use to employ techniques and tricks used in professional kitchens.

Starting price for the cooking system – including Combination Oven, Blast Chiller, Vacuum Sealer and the Induction Zone – is from £42,000 and includes a personal chef advisory service.

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