Kym & Tonya Illman’s ‘AFRICA ON SAFARI’ to be published this October courtesy of Papadakis


Kym & Tonya Illman

Published by Papadakis • October 2015 • RRP £30.00

Australian couple Kym and Tonya Illman’s unique photographic techniques have captured some remarkable images, from world famous big-cat selfies to close-ups of intrigued buffaloes and hippos.

Africa on Safari documents these images alongside a fascinating behind the scenes look at how they were taken.

Over the past few years the Perth couple have used cutting-edge technology, including camera buggies, hidden cameras and quad-copter aerial vehicles to capture stunning wildlife images.

Happy to divulge the secrets behind their images Tonya explains “As photography is not our primary business, we had no qualms about outlining in the book how we secured these images. Sure we’ve lost a couple of cameras to lions and had some close calls, but we’ve not regretted a thing, it’s been a marvellous journey.”

“We carry more photographic gear on safari than almost anyone, except perhaps the BBC.” said Kym. “People, and animals, are most intrigued by our custom-made remote-controlled camera buggy. It allows us to capture unprecedented low- and wide-angled shots of wild animals, not your usual top-of-the-safari-vehicle shots.”

Africa on Safari is an inspiring look at Kym and Tonya’s unconventional approach and the fascinating angles, spectacular images and wonderful stories it has produced.


Release Date: 7 October, 2015

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