London Marathon 2015: Advice, gadgets and tips

London Marathon 2015 – The final countdown

Advice, gadgets and tips to help runners power through the 26.2 miles

Only three weeks remain until 26th April 2015, when thousands of people will participate in the London Marathon.

According to Virgin Money London Marathon, 35,864 people completed the race in 2014 meaning 98% who started made it to the finish line.

Eliminate any fears and self-doubt with these simple tips and gadgets that could make a big difference during training and on race day.


Slow it down

At this point, the longest run during training should be around 20 miles at a controlled pace. Practice makes perfect, so set a realistic target pace and keep the speed between one and two minutes slower per mile to reduce exertion and allow quicker recovery.

Monitor the pace at regular intervals throughout each workout using the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds and Sport Life Application.

The all-in-one training solution combines an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, real-time voice coaching and immersive Dolby® sound to help runners stay focused and beat their best.

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Available from Selfridges stores and Apple


Failure to prepare, prepare to fail

Make sure everything is prepped the night before, including weather dependent race clothes. Get plenty of sleep and have breakfast at least two hours before the race starts at 10:10.

Let the Misfit Flash activity tracker help – it measures sleep quality and sleeping patterns to wake up runners during their lightest sleep phases ensuring they feel refreshed before race day.

It will track calories, distance and duration and it never requires charging so it’s a permanent aid to any training program.

It also comes in a range of colours to match even the most unique of marathon outfits.


Misfit Flash


Curry’s and PC World



The physical training is done and everything is ready to go – don’t let nerves affect the mind.

Be surrounded by encouraging people or even uplifting music.

Use motivational tunes via earphones to stay in the zone from the second the gun is fired, Jabra’s Sport Rox wireless earbuds are great as they offer superb sound quality and are built to withstand the elements throughout the day.


Jabra Sport ROX Wireless


Available from



It’s been a rollercoaster of physical and mental hardship but it’s important to remember the reasons for running.

It’s an exhausting achievement but the mixture of feelings that runners experience is what makes the Virgin Money London Marathon what it is.

Hydrate, stick to a training plan and enjoy it! Good luck!


For more information on The 1015 London Marathon, please Click Here.

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