‘My Last Round’ to be released on DVD on 23 June, courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures


A Film By Julio Jorquera

Octavio is a prize-winning boxer, living in the south of Chile. But when he meets Hugo, a young and attractive man, everything he believes is brought into question. As their relationship starts to bloom, Octavio realises that he must sacrifice his love for boxing.

Octavio and Hugo move to the capital, Santiago, where they can fulfil their dreams and be together without the watching eyes of those around them. But nothing turns out as planned as Hugo is seduced by the temptations of the big city.

Octavio makes a new attempt at what he does best: boxing. But this time he’s not looking for victory, but a cure for his heartache. Both he and Hugo soon realise, this fight could be a new way out – or his very last round.



Release Date: 23 June, 2014

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