Hustlers to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 21 April, courtesy of Lionsgate UK

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Lionsgate Home Entertainment is pleased to confirm the Blu-ray & DVD release of HUSTLERS on Monday April 21st 2014.

Starring Paul Walker in one of his final roles and featuring an incredible supporting cast, HUSTLERS is an action-packed, pitch-black comedy, focused around a day’s trading in a small-town Pawn Shop in America’s Deep South.

Alongside Paul Walker (The Fast And The Furious, Into The Blue), whose deliciously against-type performance as hillbilly meth-addict Raw Dog is both hilarious and shocking in equal measures, Matt Dillon (Crash, There’s Something About Mary), Elijah Wood (The Lord Of The Rings), Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), Lucas Haas (Inception) and Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) all feature prominently in the star-studded supporting ensemble.

The Ring (Caged Love)

Written by The Walking Dead’s Adam Minarovich and directed by Wayne Kramer (The Cooler, Crossing Over), who also worked with Walker on 2006’s Running Scared, Hustlers draws comparisons with some of Quentin Tarantino’s early work, using three intertwining storylines which lead to an explosive climax.

The Shotgun (The Road To White Gold)

After Vernon pawns their shotgun for gas money, Paul Walker’s Raw Dog and his equally strung-out accomplice Randy go in search of a suitable weapon so they can rob their Meth dealer and live happily ever after.

A peculiar looking ring under the pawn shop’s glass counter leads Matt Dillon on a twisted, violent mission to find and rescue his estranged wife, who mysteriously went missing many years before.

The Medallion (Spilt Ends At The Cross Roads)

Dumped by his girlfriend at a road-side diner, professional Elvis impersonator Brendan Fraser is forced to pawn his prized medallion, which was once owned by “The King” himself, in order to make it to his big show at the county fair.


An audio commentary with director Wayne Kramer and writer Adam Minarovich will appear as an extra on all formats.



Release Date: 21 April, 2014

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