Christian Furr unveils latest portrait

Thomas Van Straubenzee & Lady Melissa Percy

By Christian Furr

Christian Furr, the youngest artist to have ever officially painted Queen Elizabeth II, officially unveiled his most recent painting on April 14th 2014.


The painting is of Thomas van Straubenzee and Lady Melissa Percy and is a celebration of their wedding set in the picturesque Wallace Collection national museum.

The portrait symbolizes the celebration of life as he urges the viewer to appreciate both life’s fantasies and realities. The striking painting portrays that life is a game of chance, should always be celebrated and forever embraced as an adventure.

In the true spirit of the joker, Christian plays upon the blurred lines of reality and fantasy as he draw inspiration from an illustrator to create a grand joke in the classic figurative tradition.

Believing strongly in the element of chance Furr illustrates this with the use of the joker cards on the table, which is reiterated by the quote on the painting on the wall which reads ‘Vita est locus’, Latin for ‘Life is a joke’.
In true celebration of love and marriage, Furr wants to pay tribute to eternal love and the happiness this brings. Throughout time wine has been a symbol of celebration and living in the moment. Christian pays tribute to Omar Khayyam by having his name inscribed on the wine bottle – ‘Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.’

The juxtaposition in the painting is the rat caught by the cat; is this a negative symbol or a symbol of closure? In life people strive for perfection, which to most in unattainable, and challenges are put in place to test a persons strength. The only thing that helps this experience however is the experience of truth in true love.

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