The Reduced Height Theatre Company’s ‘See How They Run’: At the Opera House, Manchester from Tuesday 29 April to Saturday 3 May

See How They Run

Starring Warwick Davies

and the Reduced Height Theatre Company

Opera House Manchester

Tuesday 29 April – Saturday 3 May

See How They Run, the wonderfully funny and much loved farce, will be brought to life on stage at the Opera House next month by Warwick Davies and the Reduced Height Theatre Company.

It is the first theatre company made up of entirely short actors – all in the cast are under four feet tall – and is the brainchild of Warwick, the most successful short actor in Britain.

With a career spanning over three decades, he is best known for his roles in Willow, Star Wars, the Harry Potter films and most recently on our TV screens in Life’s Too Short, Doctor Who and An Idiot Abroad 3.

This will be Warwick’s first venture as a theatre producer and he says: “The formation of The Reduced Height Theatre Company is a dream realised for me. As a short actor, I am not always afforded the same professional opportunities as my taller colleagues. This new venture will tip the balance in favour of myself and the other talented short actors in the UK. In these times of equality and diversity, this will be a unique, bold and empowering journey.”


See How They Run is nowadays widely regarded as one of the best farces written by Philip King.

Set in 1944 in a vicarage in the village of Merton-cum-Middlewick, it is a quintessentially British, extremely well written play featuring timelessly funny characters – a maid, a spinster, a German soldier, retired actors, a bishop and a handful of vicars.

A plot of mishaps and mistaken identity causes the action to spiral out of control, culminating in a houseful of bishops, deacons and other assorted clergymen. The show is suitable for the whole family and promises an evening of theatre that won’t be short of laughs.

Directed by Eric Potts.

For more information and to book tickets, please Click Here.

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