MovieMail: February Highlights


MovieMail: February Highlights

MovieMail are the UK’s leading specialist film shop and were recently awarded Best Ethical Online DVD retailer.

Focused on world cinema, vintage movies and other areas, MovieMail specialises in great cinema that gets ignored too often.

Along with reviews, blogs, top 10s and more, every month they put together some great special offers showcasing excellent films at bargain prices.


Here are three not to miss this month: 



American Cinema of the 1970s Sale

Over 100 DVDs and Blu-rays from £5.99

A pivotal time in American cinema, the ‘70s was perhaps its finest decade and certainly its last great one. Discover over 100 DVDs and Blu-rays from that golden period, prices start at £5.99.

Riding the wave of New Hollywood, young and idealistic directors were given artistic freedom, with the result that the standout films boldly addressed the troubles and concerns of the times and remain richly rewarding 40 years on.



The Best in Silent Cinema

Save up to 70% on over 100 DVDs and Blu-rays

Dispense with voices – silence is golden in our sale of the best in pre-sound cinema on DVD & Blu-ray.

With two genuine classics of silent film released this month – The Epic of Everest and Wings – we’ve collected over 100 of the finest examples from the era and reduced their prices giving you a great opportunity to explore silent film for the first time or expand your collection.



World Cinema Blu-ray Sale – All under £10

200 high-definition films at bargain prices

Feed your Blu-ray player with some of the finest films from around the world at bargain prices – 200 high-definition titles all under £10.

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