Artists design ‘Save Santa’s Home’ Christmas cards for Greenpeace


Artists design ‘Save Santa’s Home’ Christmas cards for Greenpeace

Artists and performers from across the creative industries, including fine artists such as the Chapman brothers and Kurt Jackson, designers such as Wayne Hemingway and Vivienne Westwood, cartoonists such as Raymond Briggs and Modern Toss, and music industry figures such as Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett and Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood have all created Christmas cards for Greenpeace’s ‘Save Santa’s Home’ campaign.

The Christmas cards will be available from 2pm on Friday 6th December as free e-cards from the ‘Save Santa’s Home’ website, also featuring Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter with an urgent message from Santa.


The cards are a diverse mix of original art, comedy cartoons, bold graphic design and spectacular photography of Arctic scenes and wildlife from prize-winning Greenpeace photographers. They can be sent for free to carry celebrity-designed Arctic-themed Christmas greetings instantly around the world, and raise awareness of the threat Santa’s home at the North Pole is facing from oil companies and climate change.

Greenpeace UK Arctic campaigner Sophie Allain said:

“In the Christmas spirit we’re offering free cards to everyone who signs our Save the Arctic petition as a fun way to spread the message, and also a little thank you for all the support people have given us this year. Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, but for Santa and his reindeer, polar bears and other Arctic animals, it’s a white Christmas or no Christmas at all.”

Raymond Briggs, illustrator and creator of The Snowman, said:

“I was very pleased to try and help Greenpeace by designing a Christmas card for the Save Santa’s Home campaign. Father Christmas has been having a dreadful time as the Arctic sea ice melts because of climate change. I feel strongly that we should all do what we can to shine a light on this important issue, which in time will affect all of us no matter where we live.”

Kurt Jackson, leading contemporary British artist, said

“The Arctic exists as one of the last pristine regions of the planet demanding our protection, but more fundamentally its survival is crucial for future of us all.”

Jamie Hewlett, artist and co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz, said:

“The beautiful white Arctic is one of the most extraordinary landscapes on Earth. It is shocking and sad that oil companies want to drill there. You might have thought that the melting sea ice would be a wake up call to do something about climate change, not an opportunity to go further north to drill for more oil! It is great to be part of a growing movement to protect the Arctic because it would be unforgivable if the Arctic was destroyed while on our watch.”

Dame Vivienne Westwood, fashion icon and campaigner, said:

“I am delighted to be supporting Greenpeace’s Christmas campaign because the Arctic matters to all of us, and we all need to do everything we can to raise the alarm. My thoughts have been with the Arctic 30 ever since they were arrested. It’s just unacceptable to stay silent while innocent people are facing jail sentences.”

On the Arctic 30, Wayne Hemingway, fashion designer and co-founder of Red or Dead, said:

“Your bravery , dedication and love you show for this precious planet we live on makes us all proud . Arctic 30 you have gone down in history for all the right reasons”


Santa and melting Arctic Ice
Walrus By Seppo Leinonen
Natalie Sutton
The Last Piece of Ice By Natalie Sutton
Peter Shrank
Keep Your Paws Off Our Home By Peter Schrank
Raymond Briggs
No Blooming Christmas For You This Year By Raymond Briggs

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