A chilling new novel warns that the dangers of child sex trafficking are closer to home than we think


Anybody’s Daughter

By Pamela Samuels Young

“Child predators are no longer lurking outside your home,” says author and lawyer Pamela Samuels Young. “They’re right inside.”

In her fast-paced thriller Anybody’s Daughter, Samuels Young presents a cautionary tale for parents

and teens by placing the spotlight on the growing crime of child sex trafficking. “We have our heads in the sand because we think this can’t happen in our community or to our children, but it can happen

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise and is an estimated £20-billion-a-year global industry, impacting up to 27 million people around the world. Increasingly, more and more children are becoming targets of sex traffickers. “The Internet is partly to blame for that. Predators don’t have to scour the streets for child victims. They can meet them on the Internet,” Samuels Young explains.

“Before I began the research for this book, I assumed sex trafficking happened in other countries, not in my own backyard. I was wrong.” As part of her research for the book, Young visited an area known as a pick-up spot for under-aged girls. “I actually watched girls no older than 13 or 14 strolling the ‘track’ in Compton, California, mere blocks from a police station and not far from where I grew up,” she says. “I couldn’t believe this was going on in broad daylight. Law enforcement and the justice system are failing these children. First by not focusing more attention and resources on this crime and two, by arresting these children and treating them like criminals when they’re really victims. If we don’t do something about this problem, the next victim won’t be just anybody’s daughter, it could be yours.”

In Anybody’s Daughter, Samuels Young vividly brings the nightmare of child sex trafficking to life through her unflinching and emotionally compelling narrative. Although 13-year-old Brianna Walker isn’t allowed to have a Facebook account, she logs on in secret and is immediately friended by Jaden, a boy her age. When she sneaks off to meet him, she’s in for a horrifying surprise. Jaden does not exist. Instead, she’s kidnapped by a much older man. Thus begins her descent into the world of sex trafficking. Brianna’s Uncle Dre, a man with his own criminal past, is determined to find his niece who is more like a daughter to him. He scours the dark corners of Los Angeles looking for her and ultimately gets a lead on The Shepherd, a ruthless mastermind in the trafficking world whose every move is fueled by ego and greed. Dre comes up with a daring plan to bring The Shepherd’s reign of terror to an end. Dre’s plan, however, puts many lives in danger, including his own. But can he find Brianna before it’s too late?

“My goal in writing Anybody’s Daughter was to educate as well as entertain,” says Samuels Young. “After reading the book, I want readers to be so outraged about this crime that they’re motivated to join the fight to stop it.”


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About the Author:

Pamela Samuels Young is Managing Counsel for Labour and Employment Law for a major corporation in Southern California, specialising in workplace sexual harassment.

She began her career as a journalist, and later worked as an associate producer for a TV station in Los Angeles.

Since moving to a career in law, Samuels Young has written six legal thrillers including Buying Time, which won the Black Caucus of the American Library Association’s 2010 Fiction Award.

A motivational speaker on diversity and discrimination law, Young lives with her husband in the Los Angeles area.

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