The perfect Christmas gift for budding artists


The Perfect Christmas Gift for Budding Artists

A leading contemporary gallery has combined the expertise of some of Britain’s most renowned artists with the best tools of the trade to unveil a new range of create-it-yourself art kits.

Mary and Hugh Elliott, owners of the Twenty Twenty Gallery in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, have meticulously sourced the materials for the Block Printing Kit and Soft Pastel Sets which have been created in collaboration with sought-after artists Angela Harding and Sue Campion.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift for both beginners from 12 upwards and professional artists, providing the colours and the tools to help them create their own masterpieces.

The pastels are handmade in Northumberland.  The block printing kit includes a roller tool fashioned in Kidderminster  and the best cutters from legendary Swiss manufacturers Pfeil while the Ink  was sourced from Wales.

The contents contained in each kit mirror those essentials the artists would insist on to complete their instantly recognisable and highly desirable pieces.

The Block printing kits and the Soft  Pastel sets will help to launch a new collection of Twenty Twenty kits aimed at helping art-lovers to explore different mediums.

“Talking to and working with many artists it was clear there was often as much enjoyment in sharing what they had produced as there was in creating it,” said Mary, who bought the gallery with her husband Hugh in 2004.

 “We wanted a way in which we could bring all those elements together and make art accessible but without compromising on the quality that is demanded by those who take their art seriously.”

“With the kits we wanted to bring together the best of the expertise we had so those who wanted to enjoy creating art could do just that as soon as the kit arrived – no stress and no fuss. I also love sharing that passion for art so we wanted the kits to be a beautiful gift.

“For us it needed to be more than just a physical gift but one which offered an experience. The kits are designed to give a starting point as much as a means of progressing and developing skills. From beginners to the more experienced and even those returning to a long-forgotten hobby they are the perfect indulgence.”

The beautifully packaged Soft Pastel sets are available in three different colour palettes  which  have been chosen in collaboration with popular rural artist Sue Campion – summer, winter and Mediterranean.

Rutland-based artist Angela Harding, renowned for her countryside-inspired prints, worked closely with Mary to help produce the Block Printing kit presented in a classic handmade wooden box.

“Mary and Hugh proposed the project and I have greatly enjoyed the collaboration and seeing such a wonderful idea turn into a reality,” explained Angela.

“It is a professional quality kit and contains the same products that I use myself plus an ‘Introduction to Printmaking’ written by me. It looks beautiful and is a wonderful way to give someone the confidence to try Block Printing or even to continue expressing themselves through their art.

“I love the idea that it may bring the medium to a whole new set of fans.”

The sets are available from

The Pastel sets are £24.95 and the Block Printing sets £89.99.

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