Second Run DVD to release František Vláčil’s ‘THE WHITE DOVE’ and Pavel Juráček & Jan Schmidt’s ‘JOSEF KILIAN’ on October 28, 2013


The White Dove (Holubice)

A film František Vláčil /

Josef Kilián (Postava k podpírání)

A film by Pavel Juráček and Jan Schmidt

Czechoslovakia, 1960 / 1963

Release date: 28 October 2013

Second Run DVD present a unique double bill of two early works now regarded as two of the main precursors of the Czechoslovak New Wave.

The debut feature of master filmmaker František Vláčil (Marketa Lazarová; The Valley of the Bees) The White Dove’s straightforward narrative belies complex themes and striking visual imagery.

A young boy injures and then nurses a white dove back to health so that it can continue its journey home. Echoing Ken Loach’s film Kes, and with music by the great Zdenek Liška, the film emerges as a work of great poetry and humanism.

The surrealist masterpiece Josef Kilián (making its world-première release on DVD) is a dark and absurdly humorous, biting allegory of life under a totalitarian regime.

Inspired by the grotesque nightmares of Franz Kafka and another icon of Czech literature, the anti-militarist, anti-authoritarian Jaroslav Hasek, the film was “banned forever” after the Soviet invasion of 1968.

Having made only four films, and despite being the author of the screenplays for Daisies, Ikarie XB1 and A Jester’s Tale, Juráček remains one of the Czechoslovak New Wave’s most neglected artists.


Special Features:

• New digital transfers with restored picture and sound

• 24-page booklet featuring new essays on both films by author Peter Hames

• New and improved English subtitle translations


Release Date: 28 OCtober, 2013

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