Watershed, Bristol presents UK premiere of world renowned light installation ‘Submergence’

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Watershed, Bristol presents UK premiere

of world renowned light installation

Fri 13 Sept – Sat 12 Oct, The Eye, Bristol Temple Quarter, Bristol



This September sees the UK premiere of Submergence, an uplifting new artwork near Temple Meads Station in Bristol.

Visitors to the large-scale light installation, which will be free to explore, can immerse themselves in a continuously shifting ocean of thousands of differently coloured lights, created through a combination of digital pixels, light lanterns and the physical movement of the visitors themselves.

Created by award-winning digital artists Squidsoup, Submergence was researched and designed in the UK and Norway.

With two acclaimed international showings at the Geneva Mapping Festival and a solo show in Oslo, the remarkable creation makes its first and only appearance in the UK before it continues its tour in St Petersburg.


Walk into Submergence, a large-scale installation resembling an ocean of light…

Visitors will experience a virtual world, where pixels on a screen are replaced by thousands of points of light floating in space. Created by award-winning digital artists Squidsoup, who are resident artists in Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio, Submergence has never been seen before in the UK. With two successful international showings at the Geneva Mapping Festival and in Oslo, this remarkable creation is finally ready to land back in Bristol for its UK premiere.

Submergence is a large, immersive, walkthrough experience. It uses 8,064 individual points of suspended light to create feelings of presence and movement within physical space.

You can find Submergence in The Eye, beautifully placed overlooking the water on Glass Wharf, just over the bridge from the lively Creative Common and Temple Meads Station (for a map see here).

FREE ENTRY – Submergence is open Tue – Fri 12:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 21:00 and Sat – Sun 12:00 – 21:00.



Anthony Rowe, Creative Lead at Squidsoup says:

“Submergence is the latest work to emerge from Ocean of Light, a research project looking into the immersive possibilities of visual systems that occupy physical 3D space.

Over 8000 individually addressable points of light are suspended in a space that people can walk within, to create an experience that is abstract yet immersive, and also responsive – the lights, and therefore the space, respond to your presence.

It’s wonderful to have the UK premiere right here in Bristol, as we are resident in the Pervasive Media Studio and have been working with Watershed for over 10 years.”

The breathtaking installation is designed to be explored from inside a large black cube (8 metres x 4 metres), where visitors can move freely, experiencing the effect of their physical presence on the lights and sounds around them.

The installation is divided into four five-minute sections taking 20 minutes to unfold, and the lights gradually increase in intensity building to a final climax


Clare Reddington, Director of Pervasive Media Studios at Watershed says:

“I am thrilled that Bristol will be the first place in the UK to show this stunning piece ofwork by Squidsoup, a brilliant group of artists that Watershed first worked with in 2002.

The project combines cutting-edge technology with imagination and creativity, so is aperfect fit for our Bristol Temple Quarter commissions – designed to bring people into thecity’s new Enterprise Zone and celebrate the rich cultural life of our city.”

Watershed is pleased to present  Submergence  on the ground floor of The Eye, a newresidential development in Bristol’s Enterprise Zone built and managed by the PG Group,just over the bridge from Creative Common and Temple Meads station.


The exhibit is free and open to the public from Fri 13 Sept until Sat 12 Oct six days per week (apart from Mondays).

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