Latest Review – Upstream Colour (Metrodome Distribution)


Upstream Colour

Metrodome Distribution / Shane Carruth / 2013 / United States

Running Time: 96 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Image: Colour

Language: English


Since first premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013 (followed by a US theatrical release self-distributed by the director himself), Shane Carruth’s elaborate science-fiction drama has proved yet another of those utterly divisive works that has continued to amaze, baffle and bore audiences in equal measure with its unique blend of perplexing content, breathtaking imagery and ambitious narrative structure.

Those familiar with Carruth’s debut feature – the 2004 Grand Jury Prize-winning (Sundance Film Festival) science fiction drama ‘Primer’, which centred on the accidental discovery of a means of time travel (notably completed on an extremely low budget of just $7,000) – will be aware of the complex and highly intelligent tone of his work, and with ‘Upstream Colour’ he only further exercises his unique directorial voice with another convoluted and idiosyncratic work evoking subtle shades of such cinematic and literary visionaries as Terrence Malick, Carlos Reygadas, David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Arthur C.Clarke…Read More

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