Reel Art Press to Release Barry Feinstein’s ‘Unseen McQueen’, Edited by Dagon James and Tony Nourmand

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Unseen McQueen

By Barry Feinstein

Edited by Dagon James and Tony Nourmand

Introduced by Dave Brolan

“I’m not sure whether I’m an actor who races or a racer who acts.” – Steve McQueen

This November, Reel Art Press will release a stunning photographic volume of unseen Steve McQueen; an amazing collection of unpublished images of the public and private life of a true icon.

Barry Feinstein was one of Steve McQueen’s closest friends, notorious for restricting access to his incredible, closely guarded photographic archive. The term ‘unseen photographs’ is generally misleading and overused but in this instance, it is simply true. These rare, previously unpublished photographs include over 120 wide monochromatic images taken at the height of McQueen’s movie career. Great photographs, great artists and great friends, Barry Feinstein and Steve McQueen, both the epitome of cool, doing what they loved doing most and doing it better than most. While McQueen was creating his legend, starring in films such as The Thomas Crown AffairThe Great EscapeBullitt and Le Mans, Feinstein’s images were capturing not just the icon but the real man in action…Read More

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